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Ayurveda Massage Treatment In Rishikesh

Ayurveda happens to be the most ancient treatment in the world. The concept of Ayurveda is based on a process of purification and rejuvenation. According to Ayurveda, the accumulation of “Ama” or toxic substances in the body results in the imbalance of the Tri Dosha and thus toxins build up leading to ill-health and numerous diseases. Ayurveda, the ancient science of living, has been in human practice for the last 3,000 years. It has addressed itself to the fundamental principles of good health and a longer lifespan. The treatment through Ayurvedic medicines is based in the inherent ability of the human rejuvenate and heal the body and restore its natural balance.

Abhyanga In Rishikesh

Abhyanga is a massage technique aimed to balance the ‘TRIDOSHAS’ and release accumulated stress from the mind and body, increasing sense of well-being.Abhyanga and steam bath (60 mins) – 1 therapist . It promotes tissue strength, Improves blood circulation and rejuvenates the whole body. In addition, it removes the cellulite, beautifies the skin, prevents aging, induces sound sleep, increases vitality, pacifies imbalance of Vata and reduces stress as well as removes toxins .

Pizhichil (Sarvangadhara) In Rishikesh

In this Ayurvedic treatment, herbal oils are applied all over the body in a rhythmical way for approximately one hour. This treatment can provide relief to anyone with rheumatic or arthritic conditions. It also helps in relieving nervous disorders.Sarvangadhara (Pizhichil) 60 min – 6 therapists

Benefits of Pizhichil In Rishikesh:-

The Ayurvedic treatment is highly beneficial in cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) after exposure to a viral or bacterial infection. It also increases Ojus and body immunity, prevents ageing and provides rejuvenation. In addition, Pizhichil alleviates the burning sensation in the body, ensures better circulation, helps to recover from paralysis and promotes healing of fractures.

Kizhi In Rishikesh

This Ayurvedic process is used on specific parts of the body where there is a problem. Or it can be applied over the whole body. Ayurvedic medicinal plants are applied as a compress to the body, using the warmth of the oil. The treatment also relieves tension pain.

Udvartana In Rishikesh

In this Ayurvedic treatment, hot herbal powder is massaged deeply and with lasting effect into each part of the body. The Ayurvedic massage can be done using herbal powders alone on dry skin, or on oiled skin. It can also be done with a warm paste made of herbal powders and a corresponding herbal oil.

Shirodhara In Rishikesh

This is a kind of traditional Kerala massage. Chavitti Thirumal is done by the feet and happens to be an excellent treatment for correct alignment of the body. It is also an ideal treatment for back problems.

Chavitti Thirumal (Foot Massage) In Rishikesh

Shirodhara is a wonderful relaxation process in which the scalp and forehead receive gentle nurturing massage by a thin stream of warm oil. This treatment cools the mind, relaxes the body and relieves tension.Shirodhara – 45 mins – 2 therapists
Benefits of Sirodhara In Rishikesh:-
The Ayurvedic Sirodhara massage helps to cure and relives from anxiety, epilepsy, hypertension, depression, diabetic neuropathy and central nervous system. Besides it also strengthens the sensory organs and provides cure from insomnia, pre-mature graying of the hair, mental retardation, paralysis and stress.

Nasyam In Rishikesh

It is a kind of Ayurvedic therapy where drops of medicated oil are administered in each nostril of the patient. This treatment helps to eliminate accumulated toxins from the head and neck region. Nasayam is an useful therapy in curing headaches, migraine, sinusitis, chronic cold, chest, congestion, cervical spondylosis and facial Palsy. In addition, the therapy brings about lightness of the body and head ensures better sleep. Nasayam therapy is also effective in curing degeneration of cervical vertebrae

Marma Therapy In Rishikesh

The Ayurvedic therapy includes simple touch or light massage of the vital points in the body (marmas), is used to open up our energy channels.

Dhara (Thakra Dhara, Siro Dhara) In Rishikesh

Dhara therapy is performed with the use of herbal oils, medicated milk, buttermilk etc. All these substances are allowed to flow on the forehead in a special method for about 45 minutes a day for 7 to 21 days. This treatment is highly beneficial for patients suffering from insomnia, vatha predominated diseases, mental disorders, neurasthenia, memory loss and various skin disorders.In the treatment known as Siro Dhara, a good head massage is followed by pouring of herbal oil in an uninterrupted flow from a hanging vessel to the forehead and scalp. The treatment is excellent in relieving stress and strain and generates sleep. Sirodhara also regulates hormonal secretion.

Aayurvedic Facial In Rishikesh

Ayurvedic facial treatment cleanses your skin and is a detoxification process and its benefits will overwhelm you.You can enjoy your own facial at home (simply purchase the Dosha specific skincare products from our online shop) or at our clinic.You could choose to come to our clinic for a single treatment or combine a facial with your Ayurvedic Massage treatment. With our Facial package of four treatments we offer a complimentary set of our special Dosha Pacifying Skincare which can be used on a daily basis at home for cleansing, toning and moisturising.The products used come from Ancient’s Best Skincare Range and are natural herbal products that are made in New Zealand and formulated according to ancient Ayurvedic principles.For a home treatment you will need a Dosha Pacifying Skincare Set, Herbal Body Wash Powder, Herbal Face Mask, and a Dosha Pacifying Massage Oil. Visit our online shop to order the right products for your constitution.

Skin Care Treatment In Rishikesh

Natural skin care uses topical creams and lotions made of ingredients available in nature.Much of the recent literature reviews plant-derived ingredients, which may include herbs, roots, flowers and essential oils, but natural substances in skin care products include animal-derived products such as beeswax, and minerals. These substances may be combined with various carrier agents, preservatives, surfactants, humectants and emulsifiers.There are no legal definitions in the U.S. for advertising terms “natural” or “organic” when applied to personal care products.Consumers often express a preference for skin products with organic and natural ingredients.[1] The personal skin care market based on natural products has shown strong growth. Clinical and laboratory studies have identified activities in many natural ingredients that have potential beneficial activities for personal skin care, but there is a shortage of convincing evidence for natural product efficacy in medical problems.